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Haicing Introduction


Dongguan Haicing Printing Material Co., Ltd. is a trading and manufacturer combination. Haicing company has been established since 2005,more than 10 years’ experience in the textile screen printing material field. Haicing mainly makes textile screen printing materials. Including:

l  Textile Screen Printing Rubber Paste, such as : Hand Rubber Paste \ Machine Rubber Paste \ Anti sublimation Paste \ Nylon Rubber Paste \ Swimming Rubber Paste \ PU Lighting Paste \ Jean Rubber Paste;

l  Textile Screen Printing Binder such as: Good Fastness Binder \ Special Soft Binder \ Nylon Binder;

l  Textile Screen Printing Auxiliary such as:Table Glue \ Thickener \ Emulsifier \ Agent for printing \ Anti Adhesive Agent \ Fixer \  Anti Plug Mesh Agent;

l  Textile Printing Pigment Color, such as: Eco-friendly Pigment Color \ High-end Eco-friendly Pigment Color \ High temperature resistance Pigment Color

l  Special Textlile Printing Paste such as: Foaming Paste\ Foil Paste \ Imitation Gold paste \  Imitation silver paste \ Flocking Paste \ Pearly slurry Paste \ Cracking slurry \

l  Silicone Gel & Thick Paste such as : HD Paste \ Fixer for HD Paste \  GelPlastisol ink

l  Transfer Textile Screen Printing  Material such as: Transfer Printing Paper \ Transfer Printing Paste

l  Glitter Powder and so on.

Haicing company has an excellent R & D team. Haicing company has advanced chemical technology, reasonable process flow, improve the process control and strict quality management, fusion of fashion, as a special customer tailored personalized printing materials, to meet the needs of customers, won a good social reputation.

Our advantages are cost control, good design and fast development. We strive to produce high-quality products with lower cost.

At present, the "Haicing" brand textile screen printing products have been widely sold to domestic and overseas market. The China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, and Africa are our primary market. Our product has been widely used and praised by’ Li Ning’ ,’Nike’ ,’ Adidas’ and many other international and domestic clothing brand. Now we have a good market reputation.

 We sincerely look forward to working with you: win-win cooperation, seek money king, create brilliant.