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H537 Imitation bronzing silver Paste

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Products name: Imitate foil paste  for screen printing  

products number: Imitate foil paste


TOU-100 imitate foil paste render paste

Nice fluid effect, good elastic, soft hands feel

TOU-200 imitate silver foil paste

Directly print out the silver foiling effect after mixed well with the agent



TOU-300 Imitate silver color foil paste 

Can add any kinds of colors(better for the light color)

TOU-400 Imitate gold foil paste

Directly print out the gold foiling effect after mixed well with the agent

TOU-500  Imitate gold color foil paste

Can add any kinds of colors(better for the quite dark color & bright color)

TOU-700 Imitate bright color foil paste

Directly print out the bright color foil effect after mixed well with the agent

TOU-800 Imitate dark color foil paste

Directly print out the dark color foil effect after mixed well with the agent

Property:This type of paste is one of our high quality paste it was polymerized by some special resin, suitable for printing on cotton T/C fabric, knitted fabric and tatting fabric. 

Appearance:transparent/Gold metal/silver metal      

Ph value:5.5—7.5     

Property:High glossiness, non-oxidation,non-color change, soft hands feeling, non-sticky, good elastic, can wash with the hot water, can pass from 4-5 dry & wet scrub fastness test.  This products can solve the problems of color change matte after the washing test, drop color and complicated operate etc. The imitate foil paste is very EP. Cause the transfer foil will leave much PE film. This one have easy process can improve the production efficiency.

Appliance:Render for 1000-1200 mesh screen; Imitate foil paste use 800-1000 mesh screen and water based scraper.

Process: First use SL-100 render paste print --Imitate foil paste print two or three times--Dry naturally--Curing for two min. 130it can pass the washing test  several times in 60's water wash.

Reference proportion:

The proportion of assistant and color

Attention of mixing with color

Imitate foil paste assitant:1% (The render paste no need add any agent)

The silver color should be mixed with resist-high temperature and resist-transfer pigment, special (red & fluorescent) pigment must be below 3%.

Imitate foil color paste: 2-3%

     Attention: 1,The dry of render paste to be best control with in 70-80%, to reduce the delimitation probability.2.This kind of products should be add the agent that can get the best washing effect, the mixed well paste with assistant should be used up within 4-6 hours.3,The surface rough or have much more fur fabric can property render and print foil paste more times can get the smooth effect.(You can based on your print request to adjust the effect by yourself) 4,Under the deep wet weather please delay the drying time then curing for two times to make sure it have dry clearly, on-stick and do not drop color. 5, Suggest to storage in the 0-36's room and use up within 6-7 month. When the Imitate foil paste storage at a long time, it will be make some powder separate from the paste, so just mix around fully before use.  6, Above all just for your reference, customers must be test by yourselves before produce large quantity or our company will not take on any responsibility.