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H6W/C Non-heating Denim White/Transparent Paste

【Product Name】:H6W/C Non-heating Denim White/Transparent Paste
【Product performance】Good washable (heavy washing water method), touching feel soft, good light,dry naturlly no need heat,Suitable for denim fabrics.

Products name:  H6W/C Jean White/ clear paste

products number: H6W/C Jean White/ clear paste

About products:

H6W/C  Jean White/ clear paste

This type of paste is eco-friendly high quality paste, mainly used for jean and water-proof fabric print, can be meet water washed, abrasion, acid and etc.

Main components:Special resin,TIO2.

Appearance: H6W white paste,H6C milky clear paste.

PH value:6.5--7.5

Property:No need to cure & heat-press, good hands feel, high covering, high fastness,

Features:This paste is for Special based paste, the fastness and elasticity as well hand-feeling is better than acrylic based paste, it suitable for high quality requested print

Process:Printing----dry naturally--------After 12 to 24 hours dry completely can meet 60 degree washing test for 2 hours at least 5 times.


Reference proportion:(All the pigment do not add over 10%)



 Proportion       Colors


White color

Normal color

Dark color









The suggestion of fixing agent: (After add the catalyzer in please mixed well before use it)

white : 2%

Normal: 2%

Dark : 3%

clear render:2%

Attention:1. Make the paste as the middle of thin and thick, because of the harsh jeans fabric, if the paste is too thick it will be affect the washing fastness and penetrability, suggest to render by transferred paste 1 or 2 times first. 2, Be sure the paste dry clearly before the washing test or it will affect the test effect.