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H358 High Covering White/Transparent Paste

Products name: H358W White paste / H358C Transparent paste 

Products number: H358W White paste / H358Transparent paste

About products:

This product is printing water slurry, suitable for Lycra fabric, nylon fabric, sweaters and high elastic fabric printing.

The appearance and composition:  Sticky paste, composed of polymer emulsion.

Characteristic: Good fastness, soft, not sticky, resistant to washing, rinsing, pickling, the sea does not plug version

Application of reference

Adjustable dark

Adjustable light

H358W  white mortar 30%

H358W white mortar70%

H358C transparent paste70%

H358C  transparent paste30%

Paste  X%

Paste  X%

Bake for 1 minutes ( 150or 150press 10 seconds ), or natural dry 48 hours can endure high temperature of 80wash water for 5 hours. If the mortar prepress is too thick add water, do not have to stick to strengthening pulp.

【Product Name】:H358 High Covering White/Transparent Paste
【Product performance】High covering , high-elastic matt, special soft, good fastness,non-sticky hands. suitable for fine printing.