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107 Glue Table(basted on water)

Products name: 107 Water based table glue/ Textile Auxiliary glue


About product:

 Using: Suitable to improve the adhesive ability and stability of manual/machine printing procedures.

Performance: Good stability, non-poisonous and non-corrosive. Have good performance on endurance, adhesion and anti-stick cloth.

 General Description:

Solvent based table glue A is mainly based on Acrylic Monomers, dissolved by Ethyl Acetate and mixed with a series of Accessory Ingredients by polyreaction.


Cautions: A, this product can be applied directly without any other auxiliaries. Please add eco-friendly solvent if dilution and cleaning is necessary. B, this product is belongs to effumable solvent, Confined preservation is needed after first used. C. this product is inflammable; please keep the storage place away from naked flame. D, In order to avoid unnecessary losses, please finishes the sample test before the mess production.


Quality value:

1.     Appearance: Beige transparent

2.     Solid content: 55%±1.

3.     Viscosity: 4000-6000 pcs

4.     Residue monomer: 1.5%

 5.  PH value: 6.0±0.5

6.      Shelf life: 1 year under normal temperature